History & Vision

NTPS Group has been providing services to people around Thailand for more than 20 years which is also known as Nakhonsawan Tungprasert Group. The group has a total of nine subsidiary companies, which each of them operates to provide and focus on different market segmentations.

Organisation Name Type of Business
Nakhonsawan Tungprasert Company Limited Land Transportation
R.F. Transport Limited Partnership Land Transportation
Duangtawan Transport Limited Partnership Land Transportation
NitiNut Limited Partnership Cement Distributor
J.P.N, Industry Company Limited Truck Assembly and Engine Conversion
JerdfAgro Limited Partnership Fertilizer Distribution
J.P.N. Auto Sale Company Limited CAMC and SHACMAN Trucks Distributor

The first company in NTPS Group was formally established in 1989 and registered under the name of Nakhonsawan Tungprasert Ltd., Part. (NTPS) by Mr. Supasak Rungjerdfa and Mr. Suwit Rungjerdfa. The company was subsequently granted a license to provide transportation services from the Department of Land Transport.

From the very beginning, the company provided its services through 7 R’s philosophy of advocacy of logistics management by providing services at the Right Place, Right Time, Right Qauntity, Right Quality, Right Price, Right Condition and the Right Customer.

The company received well known recognition within the agricultural industry for many years as the services provided were only limited to customers within specific industries.

NTPS Group had become well known throughout the years due to the company’s years of honest service. With an already wide customer base and increasing number of customers wanting to use the company’s services; The management of the company registered two other companies to provide a wider range of transport services to customers in construction material and consumer goods industries to satisfy customer demand. Because of this, R.F Transport Limited Partnership was registered in 1994 and Duangtawan Transport was registered in 1997. These two companies are overseen and controlled by the very same management team of NTPS. From this time, NTPS Group was established.

Begining in 2002, the management of NTPS Group become aware of the ever increasing cost of petroleum and suqsequently this caused the management to seek a solution to reduce cost of operations as well as the cost of fuel. The management of the NTPS group established J.P.N Industry Co., Ltd to tackle this problem and established a business of converting truck engines to be run on CNG gas. J.P.N Industry was established primarily to service the 400 trucks within the NTPS group, however, due to a high demand in engine conversion resulting from rising world oil prices; J.P.N industry expanded the business to converting trucks outside of the business.

To date, J.P.N Industry has converted more than 800 trucks in Thailand since it is establishment.

NTPS Group continues to expand its business whilst overcoming any obstacles that come in the way and exploits any threats against the business and turns them into opportunities.

In 2006, the falling economy took its toll on many businesses, including transport. At this time, the NTPS Group exploited the opportunity to expand its business, resulting in higher revenue and wider customer base. This has proven that the group is strong and willing to put as much effort and forethought into providing transport services beyond customer expectations with the lower price.

Recently, NTPS Group has expanded its service area to the Eastern part of Thailand in order to provide services to customers in the Petrochemical and Plastic industry. The group has built a truck fleet in Laemchabung and Chonburi province with more than 100 new trucks currently providing service for companies under PTT PLC and IRPC PLC .

With more than 20 years of experience in providing professional transport services in different industries, NTPS Group continues to develop its human resources, personnel and a wide range of vehicles to serve the diversified customers. The group has been acquiring different types of trucks to provide better service to suit specific customer requirements. Moreover, the management team of the group also undertakes research and development studies to provide customers with more contemporary and customer focused services.

To date, the group is successful and holds a solid financial background with more than 100 million baht accumulative profit and more than 1 billion baht of revenue each year. The assets owned solely by the group accounts makes up for no less than 500 million baht with more than 600 trucks.

The main reason why the group is still growing successfully is because everybody within the group believes in striving for endeavorment and continuous development. Another reason we remain sucessfull today is that we gain the trust from our customers and friends in the same profession. Today, we provide wide range of trucks and the truck bodies to meet the needs of our diverse clients.

In additional to providing years of honest service, NTPS Group has been helping local community to develop people’s living condition slowly by creating jobs for the local community with over 700 people employed throughout the country.


NTPS Group Policy and Vision

We employ decentralization in our management policy. Our head office located in Nakhon Sawan as to manage and control other offices. Each office is strategicly located close to our core customer base as to be able to respond and meet their needs in a timely manner.

The management system of the company has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 and Q- Mark to express that we effectively operate with efficiency. The company also gained recognition from serveral customers and subsequently received an Award of Excellence for Transportation from TPI Polene PLC for many consecutive years.

The above mentioned certification and awards can guarantee that we have ability to exceed our customers expectations.

NTPS Group also practice OHSAS 18001 because we belive in providing a safe work environment for our employees and the community.

At present, the group is now moving the management system towards a paperless system by operating through online applications and reduce the use of physical paper. We belived that operating with no physical paperworks can bring us, the community and the environment benefits by having less pressure on our environment.

We are now ready to provide better customer service at a low cost while being environmentally friendly for a better sustainable future for everyone.