Domestic Transportation

NTPS and companies in the group have been providing domestic transportation in all shapes and sizes throughout Thailand for over 25 years. In this time, we have become the transporter of choice within many companies supply chains.

We have offices strategically located around many parts of Thailand, all dedicated to providing our current and potential customers with world class domestic transportation services.

Our fleet of trucks includes 6 & 10 wheel trucks, tractor heads and many variants of trailers capable of carrying any kind of products. Most of the fleet are also powered by CNG which allows us to operate with lower carbon footprint.

Most of the offices include their own garages dedicated to maintaining our fleet in addition to owning 2 CNG stations in Yangtan District in Nakhonsawan Province and Kaeng Khoi in Saraburi Province.This give us advantages in faster fuel filling up time and less waiting time.




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